My Mentors

Your friends and acquaintances are different for a reason. They each provide a different aspect to your life. Some more than one aspect. Many cover the same aspect. Some of them probably won’t get along with each other.

I have a great set of teams that help me in my life. They all help give me another perspective on a situation, an option, an opportunity. They all respect that the final decision is mine, but are more than happy to chip in with their point of view. As I am when they ask me for mine.

Some days, I talk to Josh about financial advice. Some times it’s Kyp and property investing. Today it was Jo and my mum. I consider them my closest friends, the bestie that you can ask anything. They don’t judge. They impart their views without condition or expectation. Today I needed them. And they were both there for me.

Thanks Jo and Pat. I greatly value your friendship, opinions, input and unconditional love.