Hanging with Friends

Today was rejuvenating. Jo and I went to yoga this morning, and unlike yesterday I found is much easier today. Seems like 2.5 days without stretching sets you back quite far. I was surprised at how fast the hour and a half passed, wondering whether perhaps the teacher had forgotten half the routine, but no – we actually came out 10 minutes over time.

Jo had been invited to a crafting session with friends, and didn’t have much time when she got home to shower and leave, leaving me at home with plans to put up items on ebay to help our decluttering and to work on logo designs. As I made myself breakfast (at 12pm) I thought, bugger this, I need to get out. So I rode off to Melbourne to catch up with Rick over a few beers before coming home again. An awesome couple of hours and a much needed diversion for me. Thanks Rick!

Came home to find Jo had arrived not long before, and we settled down and hung with each other (and lots of tea) for the evening, looking for getaways for Easter weekend.